Swift TO

A conference celebrating Swift in Downtown TorontoTues, August 13th, 2019


Paul Hudson

Paul is the author of Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Design Patterns, Testing Swift, Server-Side Swift, Swift Coding Challenges, and more. Suffice it to say, he quite likes Swift. And coffee. (But mostly Swift.) (And coffee.)

Chris Ching

Chris was a senior app developer at a software consulting company, building apps for multi-billion dollar clients. He started a blog and YouTube channel for fun and little did he know that it would become his full time job 8 months later. Since 2013, he's been teaching non-coders how to start building iOS apps through his YouTube channel and website, CodeWithChris. Chris is a firm believer that putting yourself out there can yield unexpected outcomes and every developer should get involved with the community because you never know just what might happen...

Abbey Jackson

Currently working as a senior iOS developer on a fraud prevention framework, Abbey is one of a growing number of self-taught adult career changers. After a decade of working with kids as a nanny she attended an 8 week bootcamp and launched a new career as an iOS developer. Through her experience she has worked on a number of apps as well as frameworks and has been lucky to be part of the project and feature planning processes in her current position as well as previously while working on Intel’s (now defunct) Vaunt AR Glasses. She specializes in mentoring new developers, leading feature teams, architecting mobile products, and designing simple solutions for previously complex situations and she hopes to share some of her experience with you.

Tim Mitra

Tim is a mobile app developer, podcaster and artist. He has taught iOS dev, Swift and Objective-C. Tim is a Development Manager - iOS at TD Bank. He also runs iT Guy Technologies, a software development company in Toronto, Canada. He studied Fine Arts before there were Macs and he’s worked for many years in software development, IT, graphic design, publishing and printing. He is also the founder, producer and host of the More Than Just Code Podcast — a podcast covering mobile app development & business and SpockCast a sci-fi pop culture podcast. Tim is also co-host of Roundabout Creative Chaos podcast.

Veronica Ray

Veronica Ray spent four years at LinkedIn pushing UIs to their limit with Video. She's currently a Senior Software Engineer at Compass on the Search team. She has spoken at conferences around the world and loves bouldering.

Marwan Alani

Marwan is a full-time problem-solver and an equality advocate! He spent a big chunk of his coding days doing full-stack web development until he decided to make the jump to the fascinating world of iOS when Swift came out! Marwan currently works as a Senior iOS Engineer at Symantec in the mornings, and also teaching full-stack JS development in the evenings. Whatever time he has left is usually spent on Jazz, Performing Arts, Basketball, family, friends, and random attempts to make the world a better place.

Frank Courville

Frank has been building iOS apps since the era of felt backgrounds. He now works as independent consultant, helping clients big and small make a dent in the App Store. He likes to teach iOS on his website, talk about productivity on his podcast, and ramble about Transformers to anyone who'll listen.

Leo Dion

Leo Dion runs BrightDigit, a company in Lansing, Michigan which specializes in software development in the Apple space: iOS, macOS, and watchOS as well as marketing integration. He has almost 10 years of experience developing in iOS and has been developing in and blogging about Swift since day 1. He lives in Lansing MI with his wife Betsy and 5 kids and currently run two podcasts: empowerapps.show on Apple stuff and businesses, and okproductive.com a productivity podcast for non-perfectionists.

Lyle Resnick

Lyle has over 30 years experience as a software developer and team lead. He has been developing iOS and Android software for the last 8 years. Lyle thinks code quality is extremely important, as it is integral to the ability of a team to make future changes to an app. Experience has shown him that patterns created at the beginning of a project, whether good or bad, tend to be repeated for the lifetime of the app. For this reason, he prefers to use a solid architecture right from the start. Over the last 5 years he has extensively studied and implemented mobile apps using architectures like MVVM, BLOC, MVP, and VIPER. His experience shows him that using a comprehensive architecture is the best way to develop an App that its bug free, testable and extensible. When he's not thinking about mobile architecture, you will find him cycling, windsurfing or skiing.

Rohan Trivedi

Rohan has held many roles over his six years at Scotiabank, where he is currently Director of Software Development, Mobile Banking and Payments. Among other projects, he has been leading the iOS, Android, and API development and testing teams that recently launched the bank’s new flagship mobile banking platform — and lived to tell the tale.

Charles Joseph

Charles has spent the last ten years focused on iOS development at companies including Kobo, theScore, and most recently at Scotiabank. As Technical Lead for the iOS team building the bank’s new flagship app, he spends his days focused on app architecture and Swift best practices. The two letters missing from his Twitter username continue to haunt him to this day.